Kind Words From Happy Clients


“Kathy is my not-so-secret weapon in packing more into every day. She is savvy, flexible and kind, especially when the stuff hits the fan. She “gets” my high-powered clients and is a superb communicator. Oh and I love that when she says she’ll do something, it’s done fast and most importantly, it’s done right. I sleep easier since I met Kathy.” ~ R. Moulton, Be Unforgettable Media, Inc.

"I have been blessed with magnificent administrative partners throughout my career and Kathy is no exception. To say that she is precise, courteous, attentive, thorough, knowledgable and an absolute pleasure to work with is all true, but does not quite cut it. I am impatient, demanding and move way too fast for my own good. Kathy takes all of that in her stride and attends to all the detail that leaves me cold. I would simply not be doubling my business every year without the assistance of a true and very talented partner. Thank you Kathy!" ~ R. West, WEST Executive, Inc.

“I found Kathy on my first try. How lucky I was. She is everything I had hoped for in a virtual assistant. Kathy has a can-do attitude, very easy-going and flexible. Her approach makes me feel like I am the only person she is working with! Her work is professional and beautifully done. I am grateful I found her!” ~ P. Harrison, Non-Profit Consultant

“Kathy Layne is a superstar, she has been a great asset to our company. She is the full time worker who can easily tackle any ad hoc request.” ~ J. Kelly, Pernod Ricard USA

“Kathy has been an excellent resource for my small start up business. Kathy’s flexible work model is able to meet my fluctuating work demand on an ‘as needed’ basis. Her broad base of core competencies has supported my company’s demand by providing administrative, marketing, human resource, IT and software programming resources. I’d highly recommend.” ~ R. Pena, Prime Group Management, LLC

“Kathy is a solid problem solver and technical guru. I gave her a problem to solve and she repeatedly gave me ideas/solutions to a very complicated project. She’s wonderful to work with and extremely fast which saves me money. I won’t hesitate to use her services again!” ~ K. Venaglia, Blue Chair Advertising

“You get the job done. Its as simple as that. I don’t have to explain things twice and you do a great job following up.” ~ N. Stevenson, North American Fine Homes

“While Kathy is my Executive Assistant, the title does not accurately describe her actual contributions and the value she brings to my life and business. She has been the glue that holds my business together. Kathy’s collaborative spirit and insightful point of view has made her an integral part of my team. She has always been willing to take on new challenges and has successfully taken on managing my social media presence, taking it to the next level. Without Kathy on my team I would not have been able to focus my attention on growing and developing my business. She has become so much more than my Executive Assistant-she has become a trusted resource someone with whom I can brainstorm and discuss the most confidential information with, and an effective contributor to my business. Kathy’s candor and perspective have never failed me, I could not recommend her more highly.” S. Gilell-Stuy, Leadership Compound, LLC

“Kathy Layne has provided exceptional service for me and my business. She is ready whatever the task: clerical, excel, administrative, scheduling… pretty much anything I ask. Kathy is a vital part of my business and she has permitted me to accept clients I otherwise may have passed on.” ~ CRL Enterprises, Inc.

“Kathy is a true partner in your business. Her work and attention to detail is phenomenal. Although we have a virtual working relationship, it has never hindered her ability to deliver with excellence. Because of Kathy’s great work we have not hired an administrative assistant.” ~ K. Ward, The Forward Group

“Kathy is, without a doubt, dependable, reliable, and one of the best decisions I’ve made for our business. Any task we’ve given over to her does not have to be worried about, she’ll handle it…love that!” ~ B. Morris, Barons’, Inc. 

“I have used Kathy for almost four years now and I and my staff are very happy with her services. She is very knowledgeable with MS Office suite and now blogging and email marketing. She is courteous, professional, prompt and fast. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a reliable, trustworthy assistant.” ~ B. Browning, OlleyMay Media

“Kathy helped me solve the perpetual work overload issue and has enabled me to focus on business development and client fulfillment. Excellent value!” ~ E. D. Smith, Attorney-Owner, Smith & Associates

“Kathy not only does terrific work, she is extremely timely in getting it done. I just finished my dissertation, leading to a Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), and I can truly say that without Kathy’s help, it would still be sitting on my computer. She was able to follow the arcane requirements for putting a dissertation together, and did a terrific job!! I would recommend Kathy to anyone, without any hesitation!” ~ Dr. J. Kimmel, J.A. Kimmel Consulting

“Kathy Layne is great. Always there to help. All hours of night and day. Amazing person.”

“Kathy is a true professional. She is a great asset to any client who needs a VA. I highly recommend her service.” ~ S. Lou-Hsiao, President, Kingka LLC