Hi, I'm Kathy and I'm an Executive Assistant.


I provide experienced, remote, as-needed Executive & Personal Assistance.

I've been doing this a long time. And I'm good at what I do. The days of the old school secretary may be over, but that's where I step in...

I'm efficient, discreet, and unconditionally reliable. I take great pride in developing real trust, true loyalty, and building strong, long-term partnerships.

My clients and I stick together for a very long time... in fact, I still work with some of the very first clients I ever had over 11 years ago.

I achieve my goals by helping my clients achieve theirs.


What I can help with:

- Calendar Management: I'm a master scheduler. (It's actually one of my favorite things to do.)

- Travel Planning: I've (successfully) coordinated travel for clients to five different continents. I'm not easily fazed.

- Concierge Services: Reservations, reminders, gifts... it's nice having a personal assistant.

- Research: Yes, I really can find anything on the internet. 

- Expense Reports: Everyone's least favorite task...

- Spreadsheets, Documents, and Presentations: Pivot tables, professionally designed PDFs, and sharp-looking presentations are my happy place.


My core values:

01. Competence

I'm experienced, smart, and know what I’m doing. I also pride myself on being "low maintenance". This allows you to keep focusing on what you’re good at… I’ll do the rest.

02. Discretion

Your personal and professional information will never be shared with anyone, for any reason. (I'm a secret-keeper by trade.) I also do my best to ensure that your clients and associates never know that I am an outside resource.


03. reliability

I love what I do and excel in providing seamless, expert, administrative support. The people I work with often say that they feel as if they are my only client.

04. fairness in billing

I bill in six minute increments and will never exaggerate hours. I work with efficiency and honesty.


The people I work with often say that they feel as if they are my only client.

Kathy is my not-so-secret weapon in packing more into every day. She is savvy, flexible and kind, especially when the stuff hits the fan. She “gets” my high-powered clients and is a superb communicator. Oh and I love that when she says she’ll do something, it’s done fast and most importantly, it’s done right. I sleep easier since I met Kathy.
— Rochelle Moulton, Be Unforgettable Media, Inc.